High Resolution Architecture

Accelerated by the power of computation and exponential technologies. Pattern recognising super performance structures. Reinventing construction through robotic fabrication. Forecasting the future of beauty.

Alisa Andrasek Profile Picture


Alisa Andrasek

Designer and innovator, Alisa Andrasek is working on the convergence of design, computer science and exponential technologies. She is bringing AI and robotics to the forefront of architectural design and construction. The founder of Biothing, an award winning design laboratory; a partner of Bloom Games; and co-founder of AI Build, Andrasek is Professor of Design Innovation at RMIT, prior to which she directed an award winning program in advanced architectural design at UCL in London and Wonderlab research. Her work has been exhibited at the Centre Pompidou Paris, New Museum NY, Storefront NY, FRAC Collection Orleans, TB-A21 Vienna, Beijing and Sydney Biennial, among others.


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